TeamTalk Help  Version
TeamTalk 5 Help

This help file contains information on how to use the TeamTalk application and setting up a TeamTalk server.

Help sections

Follow the links below to each of the help sections.

  • User Interface Guide
    • Learn what all the menus and buttons are used for in the TeamTalk application.
  • Preferences
    • This section outlines all the possible ways the TeamTalk can be configured.
  • How to...
    • Questions new users might have on how to use TeamTalk are explained in this section.
  • .tt Files and tt:// URLs for TeamTalk Servers
    • Learn how to make .tt files which you can email to your friends so they can connect to your TeamTalk server or join your channel.
  • TeamTalk Server Setup
    • Learn how to set up your own TeamTalk server.
  • Accessibility
    • Information regarding TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility.
  • Advanced Topics
    • Command line options, INI-file settings, etc. for TeamTalk client.