TeamTalk 5 .NET DLL Version 5.15A
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TeamTalk 5 .NET DLL


The TeamTalk SDK enables developers to quickly develop applications with instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), desktop sharing and video capturing capabilities. Examples of such applications could be Internet phones, conferencing tools, surveillance systems, e-Learning systems, or any other type of application where audio and video transmission between networked clients is an essential part of the application.

The fastest way to get an overview of the features available in the TeamTalk SDK is to download the TeamTalk application from the website. The TeamTalk application uses the C-API DLL which is included with this SDK. On the website is also listed public TeamTalk servers which can be used freely for testing the application.

To quickly get started developing your own TeamTalk client application please read the Client Programming Guide or simply try out the Example Applications included with the SDK.

TeamTalk 5 on GitHub

To get the latest samples and source code check out TeamTalk 5 SDK on GitHub:

Support and Feedback

If at any time you have questions regarding the use of the SDK you're always welcome to send an email to On the website there's also a forum where you can ask questions.

If you need a specific feature added to the SDK to support your application please email to get a time and cost estimate of implementing the feature.

Note that the DLLs in TeamTalk SDK are trials which will expire after 30 days. To use the DLLs in an end-user application you must purchase a license. Read the License TeamTalk SDK section for information on how to obtain a license.

Read the ChangeLog to see what has changed since the last release.

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