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.tt Files and tt:// URLs for TeamTalk Servers

It is sometimes difficult to explain novice TeamTalk users how they should connect to a TeamTalk server and join a channel. For this reason it's possible to make a so-called .tt files and tt:// URLs which automates this process.

A .tt file is a file which is associated with the TeamTalk application, so when a users double-clicks the file it bring up TeamTalk which will then connect to the server.

A tt:// URL is a link which can be put on a HTML page and once clicked will launch TeamTalk which will connect to the server.

.tt files and tt:// URLs are explained the following sections:

Generate .tt File

To generate a .tt file bring up the Connect dialog by pressing F2. Fill out the fields which are required to connect to the TeamTalk server like in the example below:

When all the required information has been put in press the button Generate .tt File. The Generate .tt File dialog will then appear as shown below.

The Generate .tt File dialog allows users to specify additional options which can be used to set up the client application of the user who's launching the .tt file.

When the settings have been specified press Save .tt File to store it. Once the file has been stored on disk you can send the .tt file to other users, so they can connect to the same server.

tt:// URL

An <a href=".... tag on a HTML page can be used to launch the TeamTalk application and make it connect to the server specified. Here is an example:

    <title>My TeamTalk Server Website</title>
        Click <a href="tt://;udpport=10335&amp;username=guest&amp;password=guest">here</a> to join my TeamTalk Server.

A tt:// URL supports the following properties:

  • tcpport
    • Server's TCP port
  • udpport
    • Server's UDP port
  • username
    • Username for user account
  • password
    • Password for user account
  • channel
    • The channel to join after login
  • chanpasswd
    • Password of the channel to join

All the above properties are optional. If they're not specified the TeamTalk client will connect using the default TCP and UDP ports. Click here to try the above tt:// URL