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Avoiding the creation of a new file everytime a person stops and starts talking

Posted by charadani 
Hi all:

I've recently came across this situation. I wanted to record a six-people conversation for a podcast. I chose to record each of the participants on its own audio file but at the end of the recording, I ended up with 1089 files. I then discovered that this is the default TeamTalk behaviour. Is there any way to override this so there is only one file for each of the participants, regardless of the silent gaps? This way, each of the files can be imported to a DAW and worked on in an audio session, having each participant on its own track.

I'm afraid little can be done with this recording, but I would very much appreciate some advise for the future. For the rest, I'm enjoying the TeamTalk application very much, it's awsome!

Thanks very much.
Does anyone have a clue on this?
Re: Avoiding the creation of a new file everytime a person stops and starts talking
April 06, 2018 02:40PM
When a person stops talking then the audio recording stops when recording into separate files. Choose single file if you want to record continuesly.

-- Bjoern
Thanks for the answer. Yes, this is the most straightforward method but I do want to have each of the participants file separated from each other for mixing purposes. There is a work around for this indeed.
Everyone on the conference needs to have their voice activation level set to 0 so that their input does not get cut when they stop talking. At least this is how I have approached the recordings, for those of you interested.
Right now ,your method of setting voice activation to 0 seems to be the only thing that does it. If the file names could be timestamped with a millisecond value, it would be moderately easy to write a script to collect all the files from each specific user ID and turn them into a single audio file with the correct amount of silence; however, in its current form this can't be done without a 2 second error margin on each audio file. Another, arguably better approach is to have each user record their audio locally and send to you as wav or flac, (preferably mono). These files will be large, but the quality won't be degraded by the opus codec and there's less chance of internet breakage causing issues.

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