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General TeamTalk discussion

If you have questions related to TeamTalk feel free to post in this forum 
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faild to streem file in team talk

by soleiman2000
16 5 05/24/2019 06:43PM
Last Post by soleiman2000

I can't see the public directory listing

by dvillalon
41 4 05/24/2019 12:53PM
Last Post by soleiman2000

User Dgleks Told Me To Kill Myself, Gave Out Personal Phone Number Of A Friend

by ntcarver0
93 4 05/16/2019 06:14PM
Last Post by Artax

Separate registration problem

by pinopino
26 2 05/15/2019 02:33PM
Last Post by pinopino

No video from Camera

by Jester
38 3 05/13/2019 04:13AM
Last Post by LynnRHogue

team talk does not connect or 4g

by JacoTrein
71 2 04/22/2019 04:48PM
Last Post by dash

Optionally Hide User Passwords from Administrators

by Simon
80 2 04/22/2019 04:45PM
Last Post by dash

Spam on TeamTalk U.S. Server Is Making It Unusable

by ntcarver0
111 6 04/22/2019 04:41PM
Last Post by dash

TT5 Server - logging private messages

by PolTeam
111 6 04/22/2019 04:38PM
Last Post by dash

Recording Audio does not stop / TT for Windows

by Manfred
105 5 03/26/2019 12:24AM
Last Post by Manfred

When team talk starts up my profile does not show up .

by laura
92 2 03/13/2019 06:53PM
Last Post by bear_dk

We cannot increase the microphone gain on android 8.0

by Igorvelkov
124 1 03/05/2019 05:24PM
Last Post by Igorvelkov

J teamtalk question

by dash
139 4 03/03/2019 02:39PM
Last Post by bear_dk

Video Call

by ganesh
119 2 03/01/2019 09:03PM
Last Post by bear_dk

a problem while try to login via Facebook

by hamad
145 2 01/28/2019 03:07PM
Last Post by bear_dk

IOS: Codec settings dont work properly.

by dash
149 2 01/03/2019 01:06PM
Last Post by bear_dk

TeamTalk5 on a Raspberry Pi - How To Guide?

by TT-Col
341 5 11/14/2018 09:00PM
Last Post by bear_dk

AGC check box in classic client has no effect

by frequency
208 5 11/09/2018 09:33PM
Last Post by frequency

Recorded OGG files with TT classic not work.

by dash
249 6 10/30/2018 11:58AM
Last Post by dash

Teamtalk 5.3.3 for Android crashing

by Manfred
494 16 10/15/2018 01:00AM
Last Post by Manfred

Facebook Login Failed in Android

by dvillalon
242 1 10/06/2018 11:23AM
Last Post by dvillalon

Multiple Instances with Different Audio Devices - Possible?

by TT-Col
245 7 09/25/2018 06:04AM
Last Post by TT-Col

Problems when setting the default channel for a specific user on iOS

by MrHammond
206 3 09/19/2018 10:40PM
Last Post by MrHammond

How to update my server information on public directory?

by dvillalon
227 3 09/18/2018 11:58AM
Last Post by dvillalon

Channel update requests ignored in TT5Classic Windows client if they include a change to Transmit Interval

by Doug Lee
233 3 09/18/2018 02:38AM
Last Post by Doug Lee

Webcam on ios and android.

by lights_rage
239 2 09/17/2018 08:45PM
Last Post by bear_dk

How to install on Centos 64bit?

by alreadyregistered
498 4 09/09/2018 05:19AM
Last Post by dash

Using TextNow Internet phone with Team Talk

by kingdomnowradio
241 2 09/09/2018 05:09AM
Last Post by dash

what happened to TT4 servers?

by dash
427 1 09/09/2018 05:05AM
Last Post by dash

how to refresh output audio device list

by kellyh
500 2 08/25/2018 09:36AM
Last Post by bear_dk