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TeamTalk 4

A freeware conferencing system for audio and video conversations on the Internet. All you need is a microphone and a webcam.

Freeware TeamTalk 4

TeamTalk 4 SDK

Develop your own application with VoIP and video features using the TeamTalk 4 SDK. Supports development for .NET Framework and C/C++ API.

Trial TeamTalk 4 SDK

TeamTalk 3

A voice conferencing application containing both a client and a server which can be used for conversations on the Internet.

Freeware TeamTalk 3

Tiny TeamTalk 3 for Pocket PC

A tiny version of TeamTalk which can be used on handheld devices.

Shareware Tiny TeamTalk 3

TeamTalk 3 SDK

Build your own VoIP application by using the TeamTalk SDK. The TeamTalk 3 SDK supports development in C/C++, .NET and Visual Basic.

Trial TeamTalk 3 SDK

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